HTE offers unique combinations of Health and safety Services and Training, Construction Training and Environmental Services. HTE is registered as safety consultants. As an accredited training provider HTE develops Business Owners and their staff in South Africa and other SADC Countries. Our Education Department includes ABET, Early Childhood Development and Hebraic Roots Religious Studies. The Environmental Department provides Environmental Services and Waste Management Advise to the Construction Industry.


In the past 25 years, with combined experience of over 200 years, many SMMe’s have successfully started and continued their businesses under HTE’s mentorship.


HTE enabled learners to find careers in management, supervisory, safety officer and other positions.
Whether you need Safety Services, Environmental Services, Construction Training, Life skills Training or Safety Related Training, HTE will deliver the best solution to your needs.


1. Health and Safety Services and Training


2. Training and Education


3. Environmental Services