Social Responsibility

HTE is the proud initiators of The GFC (Great Future Children) Program. The GFC program aims to:


– Make sure that underprivileged GFC’s have safe schools. HTE provides free safety Audits to Kingsway Centre of Concern. Read more below and be part of our initiative.
– Inform little GFC’s of the dangers involved with the terrible HIV/Aids virus. Read more below and be part of our initiative.
– Assist GFC’s with school fees. Three GFC’s receives bursaries from HTE to complete their primary and secondary education.


If you feel the need to contribute to any of the above please click here to contact us.


Safe Schools


Kingsway Centre of Concern, a registered NPO, is a powerful source of general upliftment in the Zandspruit Informal Settlement community through its provision of outstanding education and care of the children.
One of the greatest needs on the playground is safe playground equipment that conforms to SANS standards. The current state of the playground equipment is horrific.



HTE would also love to extend this initiative to other underprivileged schools. For only R100-00 per month you can also sponsor a Safety Auditor for an underprivileged school.


If you feel the need to contribute to either the playground equipment or a Safety Auditor please Click here to contact us.


The HIV/AIDS Virus


“My child is gone!” Cried Zandile, “I will never see him again!”


Zandile’s child, Future, was 12 years old. An ordinary boy in an ordinary school. His grades was good and he had a lot of potential. The problem is that nobody explained to Future what HIV/AIDS is. Nobody told Future that he is not supposed to come close to any blood. Nobody told him that if the other children fights and bleeds, he is not supposed to help them and try to stop the blood.

“Future was on the short list to become a leader in the school. Now he will never be one. His future is gone and so is mine. My child died of Aids and it wasn’t even his fault!!!”


Like Zandile and Future’s story there are many other children who are ignorant about HIV/AIDS. The main problem is in our primary schools. Parents see their children as “To young to learn about these things” and out of love and protection for their children actually place them in great danger.


This is why HTE made a decision to assist (Free of Charge) primary schools in our community with informing GFC’s of the dangers of HIV/AIDS in the schools and in society. They might not listen to the teachers but they listen to us.


If you feel the need to sponsor a school with a HIV/AIDS awareness workshop please Click here to contact us.