In many ways the OHSACT has tightened up on the whole concept of health and safety in the workplace.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993) (OHSACT) as amended, sets the standard for the working conditions of employees in all sectors of industry and business but also spreads beyond those areas to all places where work is carried out.

It replaced the Machinery & Occupational Safety Act (6 of 1983) which in turn had succeeded The Factories, Machinery & Building Works Act (21 of 1942).

It can be seen by the changes in title over the years that the field of operation of these Acts has grown progressively more widespread.  Certainly the Act now has wide ranging application.

In contrast to previous legislation there is a greater emphases placed on the:

  1. safety management program as well as the
  2. training of employees and
  3. keeping them informed.

In terms of the new Act the powers of the CEO of a company have somewhat been reduced whilst the Safety Representatives have been given more rights and less duties.

The penalties for infringement under the OHSACT are far more stringent than those in the previous Act.

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