Hebraic Roots Studies

Many scholars (Doctors and Professors) are now beginning to work together to gain a better understanding of the ancient culture in which Y’shua (Jesus) lived because of archaeological findings. These finds have become so plentiful that some have hailed these times as the beginning of a golden age of biblical archaeology! New cities have been discovered under a sand deposit in Caesarea. All these discoveries have not only given us further proof of the veracity of the Bible, (genuineness/truth) but have given us a greater understanding of:
  1. The period in which Y’shua lived on earth and
  2. Of the Hebraic Roots of His teaching.
Y’shua was Hebrew and all His teachings reflect His Hebrew roots.

Anyone, Pastors, Ministers, Dominies, Christians or any other person who would like to deepen their relationship with YHVH (God) should come and join us in this awesome journey to discover our Saviours Hebraic Roots.

Let us Honour YHVH and go back to the Hebrew Roots of our Christian believes.

The course is presented over seven (7) levels and the duration normally differs from group to group. One should be able to finish it within two years. You can first register for Level One with no further commitments to the next levels but you surely would like to commit yourself after the completion of the first level.

Level 1
Why Hebraic roots studies?
What should you know about the Hebraic roots?
Understand Romans chapter 11’s’ Olive Tree.
The significance of the tallit in the bible.
Mistranslations and misunderstandings?
The unpronounceable NAME of YHVH?
Hidden menorahs in the bible.
YHVH’s name on your heart and hands.
The body in biblical times.

Level 2
Introduction to the biblical feasts
Pesach, Matzah, Bukkirim
Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
The blood covenant
Five offerings
Revelations 2 – first love
Did Y’shua really change water into wine?
The feast of tabernacles
Tithing – the blood in your hands.

Level 3
The star of David
The truth about halloween
Christmas origins
Anointing oil
  Level 4
The birth of John foretold and The birth of Y’shua foretold
The birth of John and The birth of Y’shua
The real birthday of Y’shua

Level 5
Biblical gamatria
Colours in the scriptures
The bible structure
More on Pesach, Matzah and Bukkirim
Various covenants

Level 6
Early commemorations of the Passover
Y’shua’s last week before the crucifixion and the Passover
When was Y’shua crucified?
Was the last supper a Passover or not?
YHVH’s plan for the ages – the feasts
How did Elijah became part of the Passover Seder?

Level 7
Y’shua’s trials, crucifixion,  and resurrection
The conspiracy against Y’shua - the men who plotted against Y’shua
Alone in the garden and the arrest
The Jewish trials and The roman trials
The sentence and The crucifixion
The burial and guarding
The resurrection.

  1. The course was designed by the Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute and is recognised internationally.
  2. The Yeshiva (School) is based in Krugersdorp and training is presented by Messianic Minister Dolla Mathee and Professor M Klopper (Professor in Hebraic Roots and Torah based Healing)

Zec 4:6b; Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.